turbo laravel + vapor setup w/ custom domain

setting up a new lavavel site on vapor with aws and a custom domain. this took less than ten minutes. including documenting it here.


requesting the certificate takes a few minutes so start with this (sub xossa for your project/domain):

* on vapor.laravel.com, click 'domains' + 'add domain' 

* enter xossa.com click submit 

* get nameservers, enter those at registrar

* on vapor.laravel.com: click request certificate


while that's working:

$ laravel new xossa

$ cd xossa

$ composer require laravel/vapor-cli

$ composer global require laravel/vapor-cli

$ composer require laravel/vapor-core

$ vapor login

* enter vapor email address + password

$ vapor init 

* choose xossa + aws + aws region + install vapor core

* open vapor.yml, under 'production' enter 'xossa.com'

* open .env, enter database info 

$ vapor deploy production 

* go to xossa.com and experience the awesomeness of laravel and vapor :)